Nicole Griffin Interview (THE WHOLE STUPID WAY WE ARE)

I love Nicole Griffin’s voice.  And her characters — Skint is one who should go down in the annals of great literature.  And the very real in-your-face (in a good way) story.  And the raw emotions.  It’s all good.  More than good.  I think you’ll really enjoy The Whole Stupid Way We Are.  Horn Book and Publishers Weekly think so, too, having given it starred reviews.  Congratulations, Nicole!!  And now to learn a little more about the voice behind the story …

Who or what has been the greatest inspiration for your stories?

I love this question with a great big L, because I have never once thought about it!  Only that I love and need to write, but not really what inspires me to do it.  I think the answer boils down to people.  I love thinking about people and how we feel and how that makes us act and react as we do, and what those actions and reactions make happen in terms of relationships and events.  This never, ever gets boring to me, and I think I spend a huge amount of time thinking about this.  EVEN WHEN IT LOOKS LIKE ALL I AM DOING IS CRUSHING CANDY, I am actually thinking about this and then eventually, I gotsta go write.

Why did you write this book / choose this topic?

Oh, lots of things!  When I was writing The Whole Stupid Way We are, I wanted to write about the kind of teen I see all the time, which is a  passionately compassionate person who craves to act on that passion when there maybe isn’t a clear path to do so.  And I heard a song once that sounded so much like grief feels that I wanted to write a book that felt like that, too.  I also wanted to write funny parts, so please don’t worry the book is only about sadness, potential readers.  There are jokes in there, too.  🙂

Why do you write for young people?

I think I write for young people because they deserve it the most, somehow, and their attention is also somehow the biggest honor.  I read incessantly as a kid, to the point of addiction, really, and I still remember everything I read back then, though I couldn’t tell you a title of a book I read last week.  Not because I won’t have loved it, but because my memory is now nonexistent.  Too many books as a kid, I guess.   But those kid-read books mattered to me enormously– and still do– because every word I read then became cosmology to me.  We adults do not read that way—we love books and read them and think about them, but we don’t grab onto to them to make ourselves the way kids do, and that kind of relationship between a reader and words means the world to me.

Tea or coffee?  Coffee!

Favorite season?  Winter!

Favorite comfort food?  COOKIES!

Chocolate or some lesser nectar of the gods?  Tchah to all that is not chocolate!

Cat or dog?  Dog!

Ideal evening.  Hot chocolate bev and Cupcake Wars, my friends.

Favorite board, card, or computer game?  Pictionary. Why don’t we ever play this anymore?

Favorite sport or form of exercise?  Gymnastics.  I am an obsessive, crazed fan of this sport.  Don’t even get me started.

You’re going on a book tour:  Plane, train or automobile?  Plane!  I hate flying but like to get travel over with as quickly as possible.  Of course, I can tesser—no!  Forget that!  I’ve said too much!

Thanks, Nicole!  And here’s her website and entertaining blog so you can keep up with her!  Looking for a middle grade mystery from Nicole next year.  :o)



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2 responses to “Nicole Griffin Interview (THE WHOLE STUPID WAY WE ARE)

  1. Joan Broerman

    How awesome to meet another chocolate-exclusive reading addict who can’t remember titles! Nicole’s book is now on my to-read list. Thanks, Kathy.

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