Little Free Library — Brilliant Idea!


I love this idea.  A tiny library in your own neighborhood.  Most of us have books we don’t mind donating and it’s kind of fun to see what’s in there that you might enjoy reading — like a little treasure box.  You can find a Little Free Library all over the world.  This is our local little free library.  It was low on kids’ books so I donated a copy of Mockingbird.  Do you have one in your town?

IMG_0157 - Version 2



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10 responses to “Little Free Library — Brilliant Idea!

  1. I don’t have one, but I would love to have one! Maybe when I live in my own house I could make one myself. Sounds like lots of fun.

  2. No, but our local used bookstore regularly puts books outside for ones to take for free.

  3. great idea. Always thought my neighborhood was too small…but maybe not!

  4. Kathy,

    I started following your blog when I saw your name somewhere in my internet explorations many months ago. I was an ‘Erskine’ before marriage to a ‘Fretwell!’ My brother is Doug Erskine, my dad’s name was Donald Erskine (born in Mt. Vernon, NY) and his dad was Wallace Erskine. (I have a long genealogical report going back many generations, so can provide more names if interested.)

    Wonder if you have any connection with our line… or know much about yours?

    Love the ‘little free library’ concept, by the way!

    All best, Suzanne (Erskine) Fretwell


    • Hi, Suzanne!

      Our Erskines came through Pennsylvania and then south, originating outside Glasgow. I’m sure if we go way far enough back we’d find a connection! It’s not that common of a name (on this side of the Atlantic, at least).

      THanks for following my blog!


  5. I think they’re super anywhere, Carol. :o)

  6. Yes. I met one of the nicest women who has a tiny free library in her yard in St. George, ME. here’s a link to a picture and article about it.

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