Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass by Meg Medina

Piddy has a rough life with her tough school in Queens.  Bad enough her best friend moved away–and made new friends–but the school bully is after Piddy because she’s stuck up, thinks she’s above the other “Latin girls,” is a boyfriend stealer–and any number of things, none of which Piddy is or wants to be.  She’s just trying to maintain her good grades, do her job at the hair salon, not be embarrassed by her overworked, Spanish-speaking mother, and find her father.  But soon, with her name on Yaqui’s hit list, it’s all Piddy can do to survive.  She has to change completely to be able to fight this because there’s no way she can stay who she is … is there?

This is a beautiful and gripping story of strong women, vibrant culture, and the bonds that hold them together.

For other books by Meg Medina, don’t miss THE GIRL WHO COULD SILENCE THE WIND (young adult), MILAGROS: GIRL FROM AWAY (middle grade/young adult), AND TIA ISA WANTS A CAR (picture book).   You can find out more about this talented Latina author at www.megmedina.com.

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