I LOVE this cover.  It’s hard to see the details but the accuracy is amazing right down to Mike’s shoes.  And the items in Past’s cart.  And on the back cover, Poppy’s devil hair horns, duck slippers, and even the veins in his arms.  I’m so impressed!  OK, Moo is driving on the wrong side of Tyrone, but that’s actually quite fitting for Moo!  There’s even a blue Lego on the inside front flap (it’s the front flap because Japanese books go left to right).

I’m sure the translation is great but all I can read is the copyright info (which is not upside down but in an apparent attempt at cultural outreach, WordPress keeps turning the photo) so I’m focused on the pictures.  Past’s jacket and cell phone!  Mike’s rock group T-shirt!  Wow!



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10 responses to “THE ABSOLUTE VALUE OF MIKE in Japanese!

  1. kamikinard

    That’s a cover for framing, for sure!

  2. Kathy! This is such a cool thing to see. I love the cover, the illustrations. It leaves me hungering to know the direct translations of some passages. (It’s always interesting to see how a concept is adapted through a new cultural lens.

  3. What fun! I had enjoyed that your novel had a character named Moo. I just heard that my cousin Moo remarried at age 81! Guess it’s a spunky name.

  4. I wish I could write “Congratulations” in Japanese!! Very cool.

  5. Dionna

    Way cool, Kathy!! Saikou!!

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