Edinburgh International Book Festival

In August I’ll be at the Edinburgh International Book Festival and am looking forward to my presentations and school visits and spending time with my UK friends — and just hanging out in the glorious and beautiful city of Edinburgh and country of Scotland, where I lived as a child.

I’m thrilled that MOCKINGBIRD was published by Usborne in the UK this year, hence my appearance at the Festival, and at the great press it has been receiving.   (One example.)   Here are a couple of recent blog reviews from the UK:

Tops for Teens Blogspot — thanks, Fiona (one of my favorite names, by the way!)

Peering over the Page — a lucky happenstance of a reader picking up the book because she left the book she was reading at home and being glad she did (like those who think they’re reading MOCKINGJAY and mistakenly read MOCKINGBIRD but end up enjoying it all the same… :o)  )

And here’s a partial schedule of events.   Slangevar!




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8 responses to “Edinburgh International Book Festival

  1. Have a wonderful time, Kathy! The pictures are beautiful, too. Love the pb cover of Mockingbird, too.

  2. The new cover is lovely and the pictures of your summer destination are glorious. Enjoy!

  3. Marvelous opportunity. Edinburgh is such a cool city. Congrats!

  4. joycemoyerhostetter

    I hope you have time to soak up the joy of being on childhood turf!

  5. Edinburgh is such a wonderful city. Safe travels, and have fun. The Usborne cover is gorgeous! Will you eat some shortbread for me?

  6. I will be trying to get a hold of this book asap when my book buying budget is reset again. I have a son with Asperger’s Syndrome and would love to read and review this book and maybe help my son to read it too (he is almost 10) I am so pleased to have found this book on GR. Hope you enjoy your stay in Scotland.
    Adele (England)

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