Mug Shots!

This is my new favorite mug, thanks to the wonderful librarian at Cunningham Park Elementary School.  It is LARGE:

Here is my husband’s mug next to mine:

Here is my usual mug between mini mug and mega mug:

Here is my former favorite mug (16 oz.) next to my new favorite (20 oz.):




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7 responses to “Mug Shots!

  1. Loved this, Kathy! I can so relate. My family doesn’t understand why you need different sizes, shapes, and colors of mugs depending on your hot beverage and time of day. Cheers to you as you lift your morning cuppa!

  2. And DD and I were just talking about you, saying it is the perfect mug for AUNT CEECEE, AUNT BELLE, AND MAMA’S SURPRISE!

  3. Wow, that’s a whopper! You can dive right in and swim around in that mug. Fun post :). I’m thirsty . . .

  4. Isn’t it a brilliant vessel?
    I love your teapot icon, BTW!

  5. Marianne Williamson

    You drink a lot of coffee!!

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