Shangri La of Writing Places: Boyds Mills, PA

Thinking about last week’s YA Boot Camp with Rich Wallace, Meg Medina, and nine fabulous writers!!

The adorable country store where there’s a little satellite Highlights office.

I like the waiting room:

Beautiful Calkins Creek (yes, of Calkins Creek Books fame):



Deer and BEAR tracks!

Crossing that bridge:

Where does your path lead?  (I hope mine leads right back here!)




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14 responses to “Shangri La of Writing Places: Boyds Mills, PA

  1. Kristy

    I love that place.

  2. I spent a terrific weekend there a couple of years ago and hope to return. Such a special place for writing. Great pictures.

  3. It’s definitely a place where the Muse thrives. And Rich is super.

  4. Agree….a fantastic place to disconnect and think only about writing.

  5. I hope my path takes me there sometime too!

  6. Oh, how I love those walking trails. 🙂

  7. Can’t wait to go–my time is coming in August. Hope you left some muse trails for others–like me–to follow,.

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