Free Giveaway deadline is JUNE 13

Please see the blog post about THE SUMMER OF HAMMERS AND ANGELS and enter your comment by June 13 for a chance to win!


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5 responses to “Free Giveaway deadline is JUNE 13

  1. Lylee

    The part I read already made me interested, and that is how I measure whether I want to read the book. I also want to learn how to write that kind of story.

  2. OK, I assigned everyone a number in the order they commented, put the numbers on slips of paper, and had my daughter pick — the winner is Kathy May! Since I happen to already know where you live, Kathy, I will send Shannon your address. This book is so perfect for you!! Shannon, Kathy wrote THE MOLASSES MAN and is working on novels with the same tone as yours. Congratulations!

    • I’m thrilled! Kathy, great to meet you and I do hope you’ll follow up once you’ve read the novel and let me know what you think! Sounds like I’d enjoy your work as well. I’ll have to check it out!

      • Kathy is a writing instructor at our local community college, writing organization AND the University of Virginia. Who knows, THE SUMMER OF HAMMERS AND ANGELS may end up in her class. :o)

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