Picture Books: Writing Tips!

I went to a great picture book workshop last weekend with Henry Cole (amazing author and illustrator), Tamar Brazis (editorial director at Abrams) and Maria Middleton (Associate Art Director at Abrams).   They were delightful and helpful.  In brief, here are tips on the picture book craft from Tamar — incidentally, she said these tips apply to novels as well:

1.  Create memorable characters.  (Think voice.)

2.  Take care to demonstrate the relationship between your characters.  (How do they communicate?  How do we see that they care about each other?)

3.  You need conflict and resolution.  (Without this, there’s no story.)

What’s more likely to get published is something with layers, for example, Kristy Dempsey’s SURFER CHICK which has:

1.  surfing

2.  learning a skill

3.  overcoming a fear

4.  father-daughter relationship

Off to work on those picture book manuscripts….






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2 responses to “Picture Books: Writing Tips!

  1. Thanks for this post, Kathy. Joyce and I are doing our next issue of Talking Story on picture books. THis will be a great blog to link to!

  2. Thanks, Carol! And I can’t wait to read the next Talking Story!

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