Beautiful Mockingbird Project

I love all the beautiful poems, pictures and paintings I receive (and the YouTube videos) but here are some pages from the first Mockingbird scrapbook I’ve received — isn’t it beautiful?



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7 responses to “Beautiful Mockingbird Project

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    • It was fabulous, Brooke! Teachers are such a gift, and teachers like you are an amazing gift. You obviously care a lot about your students and I bet they can tell. Thanks for working with them to create such beauty!

  2. joycemoyerhostetter

    Very stylized with the B & W backgrounds. This is well worth clicking on each photo for a closer look. And it really makes me want to reread Mockingbird!

  3. What an honor to have your book made into a scrapbook! The students did a great job.

  4. It really is an honor. She did such a beautiful job.

  5. Shelby B.

    This is amazing to scroll through this blog and see pictures of a class project I made! Thank you very much for the comments! This is such an honor and exciting! Thank you Mrs. Erskine and I loved your book Mockingbird.

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