Natalie Zaman and SIRENZ!

Natalie was a finalist in the Crystal Kite Awards this year for her book SIRENZ (congrats!) and graciously hosted a blog giveaway extravaganza of the books from all of the finalists (thanks, Nat!).  I asked her to tell us a bit about her book and herself (like her books, she is clever and FUN!) so please read on.  PLUS, I highly recommend her book — my favorite teen reader is eagerly awaiting Nat’s second novel, SIRENZ BACK IN FASION because she enjoyed SIRENZ so much.  SIRENZ BACK IN FASHION is available in 3 weeks!  So, here’s Nat:

Tea or coffee? 
Definitely tea.
Easy peasy–Earl Grey.
Milk or sugar?
Favorite season? 
Autumn–Halloween time >:)
Favorite comfort food?

Fish and Chips ♥

Food you’d rather starve than eat.


Country you’d most like to visit.

I would really like to visit all 50 States, but I also love Great Britain–it always feels like I’m going home when I visit.
Favorite musical instrument.
Cello–though I never learned to play it 😥
Yet. >:)
Tell us why we should buy SIRENZ…
You should buy SIRENZ and/or–preferably *and*–SIRENZ BACK IN FASHION because… 🙂
…I will blow kisses your way?
…it would really be helpful–between the two of us, Char and I are trying to put 6 kids through college?
…the covers are *really* different, and look pretty on a shelf, next to each other, of course.
…Hades is on the back cover of SIRENZ BACK IN FASHION!
…it will make us happy–and you too, because you will laugh (at least once–possibly alot more!)
You have the chance to give one piece of advice to teen readers.  What is that?

On reading–there are book(s) out there for you, with stories that will resonate with you–keep reading until you find them–and then read some more.
In general–Believe in yourself. You must. You’re important and have a unique role to play in the world–remember that.

When do you write?
Any time I can–I usually have a notebook with me–yes, I write just about everything out by hand first and then enter it. For some reason, my thoughts just seem to flow better when I do it this way. I also tend to paste things into the notebooks–so it ends up telling not only the story I’m writing, but the story of me writing the story…

How do your ideas come to you?
Ideas surprise me. They can come any time, any place. I have journals all over my house. In my bag(s). In my car…

What are you working on now?
I’m in the process of revising a story that I keep calling “Mort,” but I know it’s not going to be called Mort. Weird, I know. Mort is my Reaper story–there are alot of great Reaper stories that just came out this year, and I’m hoping to add my voice to the song. I’m very excited about this story because it has a combination of elements I’m really interested in: change, spirituality, love and past lives–I love exploring and defining these topics and writing about them as if all my theories were absolutely correct–it’s one of the reasons that I love writing 🙂

My apologies for the strange formatting — maybe it’s the Lord of the Underworld at work (see Nat’s books).

Here’s a link to Natalie’s website — check it out!  Thanks for visiting, Nat!


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