Thanks to Ms. Edwards’ Class!

I received a lovely fat package from a class in Washington state a while ago about the projects they did surrounding Mockingbird.  Now back from my travels, I finally had a chance to sit down and enjoy everything.  Here’s what I found:

–heartfelt letters from Devon to Caitlin (insightful and caring)

–Venn diagrams of the intersection of events and ideas in the book and the play (yes, they did a play, too!!)

–various exercises summarizing chapters, identifying keywords, etc. (smart students)

–paintings (beautiful!)

This is the kind of work every author loves to see.  I am so grateful, guys!  Thank you!!



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5 responses to “Thanks to Ms. Edwards’ Class!

  1. Isn’t it wonderful to be reminded in such a charming way why we write for kids?

  2. awritersdream41

    This is such a heartfelt gesture….goes a long way.

  3. awritersdream41

    Such a heartfelt gesture…goes a long way.

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