Virginia Readers, Virginia Schools

I had a wonderful visit at Peter Muhlenberg Middle School last week — great kids, great readers, and a great library!  Here’s what greeted me when I arrived.  BOOKS!!!
I wish I’d taken photos of all the shoes (yes, shoes!) on the library shelves, each with an anonymous card with heartfelt sayings about tough things that happened to the person writing the card, whether it was the loss of a family member, being bullied, having learning problems, etc.  What a brilliant idea and it was hard to read all those cards and not choke up.  Krista Heres, the librarian, was showing, literally, what it means to walk in other people’s shoes.  It was beautiful.
And here’s their bulletin board with Virginia Reader’s Choice books, many of which I read and they are all well worth it!  And I’m not just saying that because some of the authors are my friends, even though they are.  They also happen to be accomplished writers whose books have touched many.
Thanks for a great visit!  Keep reading, Virginia!


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