Are you remembering to FOCUS?

Hi, all!

Whether or not you attended the SCBWI NY conference in January, I promised to send this reminder out as a memory jogger 3 months after the conference.  Since I’m traveling for the next couple of weeks, I’m posting this a week early — so now you even have more time to focus.  :o)

Are you focusing on your writing and/or illustrating?  Here’s the acronym:

FREEDOM (to create–it’s OK to take the time for yourself, your stories ARE worth capturing, and some kid out there needs you, so do it!)

ORGANIZATION (your workspace, your files, your mind, your story)

CREATIVITY (if you’re stuck–take a walk, take a shower, ask what if?, eat chocolate!)

UNDERSTANDING (what you want to say, your characters, your audience)

SHARING (your manuscripts with critique groups and then submitting them, sharing your work and your self via social media, Skype, school visits, etc.)

FOCUS — it’s about talent, which you have, practice which you can do, and grit, which you’re developing all the time.  Keep it up!

I’m looking forward to seeing your work!





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6 responses to “Are you remembering to FOCUS?

  1. Meaghan

    Terrific reminders and encouragement! I love, love, love Mockingbird. So wonderful. Thanks for the inspiration. (I’m a former lawyer too. Working on finishing my first novel! Need all the focus I can get.)

    • There are many of us former lawyers out there — Moira Donohue, Wendy Shang, Tami Lewis Brown, Fran Slayton, to name just a few — keep at it because you CAN do it!

  2. joycemoyerhostetter

    Oh dear! I wonder how long it will take me to organzie all those files, photos, and photocopies? I know getting it done will help me focus.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  3. thanks for the reminder. just added it to my new class wiki

  4. Thanks, Carol! It takes constant reminding (for me, at least!).

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