Creating an Authentic Cultural Voice

Mitali Perkins and Donna Jo Napoli are giving a workshop next month on how to write children’s literature with an authentic cultural voice.   I’m delighted to have been invited!  It’s going to be an amazing workshop — here’s the description, and you sign up here:

Putting imagination, experience, empathy, and research to work for you

Children’s literature celebrates both our shared history and our unique cultures. Join Donna Jo Napoli (Bound) and Mitali Perkins (Bamboo People) as they help us understand the power of writing with a strong cultural voice. Through impeccable research, imagination, empathy, and experience, a true cultural voice can be achieved. Our goal is to gather a community of open-minded children’s book authors who wish to think deeply about:

  • Who has the right to write multiculturally?
  • How do we bring humility to our research?
  • What audience are we writing for?
  • Does the term “multicultural literature” match the needs of today’s book market?
  • How is authentic cultural voice achieved?

This workshop also includes one-on-one manuscript critiques and author-guided writing exercises.



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2 responses to “Creating an Authentic Cultural Voice

  1. this sounds wonderful. I wish I could come!

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