Books for World Read Aloud Day….

CHICKA CHICKA BOOM BOOM:  Such fun to read you practically sing it!


ALFIE THE APOSTROPHE and PENNY AND THE PUNCTUATION BEE:  Fun, educational, and snort-inducting for both children and adults.

AUNT FLOSSIE’S HATS and MAC & MARIE & THE TRAIN TOSS SURPRISE:  Memories, families, connections

COUNTRY CROSSING:  Great bedtime read … puttaputt putt putt putt, wooo–wooo, churrrr

FAMILY REUNION:  One story, many styles of poetry.

ME WITH YOU:  Kiss kiss!

MOUSE WAS MAD!  For your foot-stompin’ young-uns!

FLY FREE:  What goes around comes around.

And for the older crowd . . .

The INKHEART series — SCARY!


HARRY POTTER:  Preferably read by Jim Dale, then you can sit back, close your eyes and live the adventure.




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3 responses to “Books for World Read Aloud Day….

  1. I am a BIG INkheart fan. What a great trilogy!

  2. We will listen to anything Jim Dale reads. And attention: He does A Christmas Carol!

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