OMG, Lookit, lookit!

This just showed up, special delivery, on my doorstep!!  THE MIGHTY MISS MALONE by one of my all time favorite authors, Christopher Paul Curtis.  I am SO excited!  I can’t tell you how hard it is not to start reading right away but continue my duties (commenting on 17 students’ work, taking care of all the illness in my family, etc.) when I really want to read sentences like this:

“James Malone, if I ever give one-half a hoot what a lot of people are saying, you have my permission to slap me silly.”  OR

“My dearest friend, Clarice Anne Johnson, has a horrible and completely un-understandable crush on Jimmie.  She says she bets you could pour cornflakes in his dimple and eat them with a spoon.  I’m hoping Clarice’s taste in boys improves as she gets older.”  OR

“My father, Mr. Roscoe Malone, was born in a village called Flint, which is geologically located 250 miles northeast of Gary.  For some reason that none of us can understand he is very proud of this.”

Well, OK, so I read a few pages but I’m stopping now.  Really.  But you don’t have to — it’s on sale now!  Enjoy!



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