Hispanic Heritage Month!

September 15 to October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month and October 16 – 23 is Read Aloud to a Child week (at least, here in Virginia) so I have to mention a couple of great picture books with a Latino theme.  I was starting to compile my own list of young people’s books for Hispanic Heritage Month and then realized, of course, that’s been done so I’m putting links to some of those lists below.

JOSIAS, HOLD THE BOOK (Americas Award Winner) by Jennifer Elvgren, illustrated by Nicole Tadgell, is a heartwarming, empowering story of a boy in Haiti who wants to “hold the book,” i.e., go to school.  He is needed at home to help grow food for the family but by using his problem solving abilities, he manages to do both.

TIA ISA WANTS A CAR by Meg Medina, illustrated by Claudio Munoz, is set in a U.S. city with a young girl who helps her aunt realize her dream of buying a car so they can drive to the seashore and feel closer to her family members who live on a foreign seashore and have not yet made it to America.

And an easy read novel (it’s written in free verse) that’s poignant and beautiful is Alma Fullerton’s LIBERTAD, about two young boys on a journey to America to find their father.

Links to other lists of Latino themed books:





Lectura feliz!


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