The Absolute Value of Mike

If you go to Roosevelt Elementary School in Binghamton, NY, The Absolute Value of Mike will be available at your book fair — as reported in this lovely article and review by D. B. Rhoomes!

Also, I’ve been enjoying reading the Amazon reviews and see how several men have responded to Mike, like this one by Luke Reynolds — check out Luke’s thoughtful, inspiring blog as a writer, dad and teacher in York, England:

“Kathryn Erskine follows up her National Book Award winning novel MOCKINGBIRD with another remarkable gem. Mike is a young guy trying hard to find out what he’s worth–trying to see himself for who he really is rather than who he’s expected to be by his father and even by the culture around him. Instead, Mike learns to see his own strengths and abilities as they are needed, when they’re touched and awakened by a beautifully authentic supporting cast of characters. Erskine hits a home run–no, a grand slam–with this page turner, which is guaranteed to both hook readers and also show them some deep truths about the real value of Mike, yes, but also of ourselves. Simply put: moving, hilarious, and authentic. I am about to start it for the second time!”


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2 responses to “The Absolute Value of Mike

  1. I could not agree more with that reviewer. I’m now reading it for a second time, and still love it!

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