Tea (or coffee) in Greenville, SC!

2:00 pm on Monday, Aug. 1st — wear your frillies and white gloves (kidding!) and I’ll see you at Coffee Underground in Greenville, SC (on Coffee St., no less!)

thanks to Fiction Addiction Bookstore!




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3 responses to “Tea (or coffee) in Greenville, SC!

  1. have fun in Greenville. It’s a lovely city. if you had time and it wasn’t so hot you should take a bike ride on the Swamp Rabbit trail. It’s great.

  2. Hi there Mrs. Erskine, I’m from singapore and I’m a big fan of your Book “Mockingbird”. Its been a pleasure to really read about life in the eyes of Caitlin. I found it really humourous at the same time very touching. I love how Caitlin being about to find closure not only to her family and friends, but even to the community and to even Josh.

    Part of me really wish that I could read more about Caitlin and her life in middle school. I’ve read the book twice in 2 week and imagined what would happened next about caitlin in her new life where her pictures will have colour and more.

    Infact, I would love to get your permission too to promote about the book in my humble blog if you don’t mind 🙂

    I don’t have a good reading habit, but your book brought me into the world of reading, I really want to thank you about it 🙂

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