REAL REVISION. And critique groups.

Thanks to author Kate Messner, writers of all ages have some advice from their peers and mentors about the revision process — and approaching writing in general.  REAL REVISION (Stenhouse 2011) compiles thoughts and pointers from a wide array of authors . . . Kathi Appelt, Linda Urban, Loree Griffin Burns, Jane Yolen, Tom Angleberger, Tanya Lee Stone, Sara Lewis Holmes, Mitali Perkins, and many others.

For example, the chapter “Cut! Cut! Cut!” shares authors’ stories of scenes or characters or places that they had to cut because while it was funny or scary or even seemed necessary, it was slowing down the story.  Often, someone else needs to point that out to us.  That’s why a critique group is so important.  Or a reader of any kind who is willing to be very frank.  They are worth their weight in gold (or in coffee, a favorite drink of many writers, and more attainable than gold).


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2 responses to “REAL REVISION. And critique groups.

  1. Thanks for the book recommendation. I’ll take note of it and pass it along to my writing students.

  2. Thanks! It’s really quite an interesting book and very well done.

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