Crystal Kite Award Winner Monika Schroder

Congratulations to Monika Schroder for winning the SCBWI’s Middle East/India/Asia region Crystal Kite Award for SARASWATI’S WAY.  Here’s some info about the book:

“Nothing changes because of our doing. It’s all in the hands of the gods.”  If the gods wanted Akash to have an education, he is told, they would give him one. But Akash has spent his entire twelve years poor and hungry. So he decides to take control of his own life and try for a scholarship to the city school where he can pursue his beloved math. But will challenging destiny prove to be more than he has bargained for?

And here’s a link to the trailer for the book:

Monika grew up in Germany and has worked as an elementary school teacher and librarian in American International schools in Egypt, Chile, Oman and India. She recently moved to the mountains of North Carolina to focus full-time on writing.  Now, for more info about Monika:

Q:  Tea or coffee?  Flavor?  Milk or sugar?

Monika:  I am a tea snob and only drink fancy second flush darjeeling. Sometimes with milk and honey.

Q:  What’s always in your fridge?

Monika:  unsalted butter and feta cheese.

Q:  Favorite season?

Monika:  I like it hot: summer

Q:  Skill you’d most like to acquire.

Monika:  I’d love to learn how to sing. But that will never happen.

Q:  Favorite musical instrument.

Monika:  Indian flute.

Q:  You’re going on a book tour:  Plane, train or automobile?

Monika:  I’d love to take trains, but there are so few in the US.

Q:  Favorite sport or form of exercise?

Monika:  I’m a jogger.

Q:  Short hair or long?

Monika:  On dogs, men and for myself I prefer short hair.

Q:  Ideal evening.

Monika:  I am very boring: Watching a movie with my husband at home. Going to bed at 8 pm.

Q:  Some favorite books?

Monika:  I read a lot of historical fiction and loved SEA OF POPPIES by Amitav Ghosh and CLOUDSPLITTER by Russell Banks. In kids’ books I admire Avi and Jennifer Holm.

Thanks for stopping by, Monika!  Learn more about Monika at her website:

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