Buffalo Time!

This is Audrey Vernick and Daniel Jennewein’s latest addition to Buffalo knowledge:  TEACH YOUR BUFFALO TO PLAY DRUMS.  What?  Did you miss the earlier Buffalo advice?  If so, it’s very important — see below:

IS YOUR BUFFALO READY FOR KINDERGARTEN?  Since some schools start as early as a month from now, I highly recommend you buy this manual before there’s a run on them.  BOTH books are adorable and laugh-out-loud funny.  Kids will get a kick out of them, too, so be sure to share.



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2 responses to “Buffalo Time!

  1. Aw, thanks, Kathy. And Friends Of Kathy Erskine, if you’re planning to gift a kindergarten-bound child with a copy and would like your gift personalized, I am rich in bookplates and would be happy to sign one/several and send it/them your way. Write to me at audrey at audrey vernick dot come, no spaces–

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