Crystal Kite Award Winner Marsha Skrypuch

I’d like to pay tribute to all the Crystal Kite winners so in honor of Canada Day, I’m starting with the Canadian winner, Marsha Skrypuch, and her novel, STOLEN CHILD.  Here’s a brief description:

Nadia arrives in Canada after the end of World War II, from the Displaced Persons’ camp where she has spent the last five years. But troubling memories and dreams begin to haunt her. Who is she really? She sees images of another family, Nazi uniforms, Hitler . . . but can she believe what her dreams are telling her?

And here’s some info about Marsha:

Marsha tricked her teachers into thinking she knew how to read until it all caught up with her when she failed the provincial reading exam. Made to repeat grade four, she taught herself to read by taking out the fattest book in the library – Oliver Twist. She renewed it for the entire year. That book was a turning point in her life; she decided not only that she loved to read big fat fiction, but that she wanted to write it too.

Her 12-plus books have received oodles of recognition, but her prettiest award is the Order of Princess Olha which was bestowed upon her by the President of Ukraine in recognition of her story, Enough, which described the great Ukrainian famine that claimed millions of lives in the 1930s.

And now for some fun questions to get to know Marsha better!

Q:  What’s always in your fridge?

Marsha:  Fresh lemons, sharp cheddar cheese.

Q:  Food you’d rather starve than eat?

Marsha:  Sardines

Q:  Tea or coffee?  Flavor?  Milk or sugar?

Marsha:  Both. I love strong black coffee in the morning, then a couple of cups of strong black tea with milk during the day. Mint tea, clear, at night.

Q:  Cat or dog?

Marsha:  Love both. Allergic to both.

Q:  Flats or heels?

Marsha:  Flats. Easier to walk and write on my tread desk in flats.

Q:  Ideal vacation?

Marsha:  Some place that I haven’t been before. I would rather walk or bike around than go to museums or shops.

Q:  Slogan or quote that best describes you?

Marsha:  I write about those bits of history that have been shoved under the carpet.

Q:  You’re going on a book tour:  Plane, train or automobile?

Marsha:  Mostly commercial plane, although my husband has come to my rescue on a few occasions. He has his pilot’s license and has taken me for speaking events in his Piper Cherokee. Much better than a long car drive!

Q:  What most surprises you about our current culture?

Marsha:  No matter what kind of new media springs up, good stories will always engage.

Q:  Some favorite books?

Marsha:  Valerie Sherrard’s The Glory Wind. Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. Love anything by Mo Hayder, Greg Iles, Lee Child.

To find out more about Marsha, here are some links — thanks for stopping by!


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2 responses to “Crystal Kite Award Winner Marsha Skrypuch

  1. Thanks so much, Kathryn! And a Happy July 4th to you tomorrow.
    One of the best things about winning the Crystal Kite is getting to know all of the other winners, like you!

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