The Island Library

Chincoteague, VA.  It’s beautiful, inside and out.

I’ve loved libraries ever since the bookmobile brought books to my door in South Africa.  Books AND a bus.  How cool is that?  All libraries are cool, from buses to little island gems like this one to the architectural beauty I recently visited in Evansville, IN to my local library in Charlottesville, VA, with its amazing staff — thank you, libraries and librarians!



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4 responses to “The Island Library

  1. Oh my goodness! This is so beautiful, it makes me want to move there! (Or maybe it’s the summer heat in Florida, combined with dense smoke from the wildfires, but either way — it’s beautiful!)

  2. sharon joyce albasio

    reminds me a little of the library I went to ( ALOT) when I was little, it was a house with fireplaces and all. There was a tiny apt. upstairs that an old lady lived in, and I always fantasized about living there when I was a grown up. Of course now that I am a grownup I live in europe with a husband and 4 kids so we wouldnt fit, but maybe when Im a little old lady I will go back there. I actually almost bought a library 8 years ago to turn into a house but the renovations cost too much. some day I will get my library!!

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