My New Favorite Name

First I wanted my name to be Kojo Nnamdi, uber cool radio host  …  yes, I know he’s a guy, but what a cool name!

Then I coveted the name Sylvia Poggioli from NPR because how cool does that name sound, especially when she says it:  Seelvia Po-JOH-lay.

But now, my new favorite name?  Kekla Magoon.

I mean, just say it.  Kekla Magoon.  Is that not cool?  Plus, I actually met her!   And she’s an author.  Finally, a name from my own field.  Books.  I may not be able to carry off TV or radio but I think I have a voice made for books.  And while Kekla Magoon could carry off both TV and radio (and not just based on her cool name — see her website), she definitely has a voice for books.

THE ROCK AND THE RIVER has won all kinds of awards — I’ve just started it, but I can see why.  Set in 1968 Chicago, Sam, the son of a civil rights activist, has to choose between the nonviolent approach of his father or follow his older brother and the appeal of the Black Panthers.  It’s way more exciting than that blurb, of course, and I’ll blog about it later.  In the meantime, I’ll enjoy reading her book and saying her name.  Kekla Magoon.

Kekla Magoon.





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2 responses to “My New Favorite Name

  1. Oh I LOVE that name too! And the book sounds great…I’ll have to look for it in the library.

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