No, I’m not in Hawaii (I wish) but I had to show the array of coffee my Hawaiian Friend sent me just for signing a book!  OK, I did have to go to the post office a couple of times — once after hours in the dim lighting to a secret door and give a code name a la James Bond (well, it felt like that, anyway) — but it was a fun adventure!  And now I have FIVE bags (count them) of scrumptious Hawaiian coffee.  Wow!  And I’m drinking some.  It’s DEE-LISH!  And I’m buzzing (can you tell?) so I will get lots of work done today!  Thank you, Friend!



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2 responses to “Aloha!

  1. YUMMEEE! Sounds wonderful! The Mysterious post office. Ours is OLD I mean a super old building. It even has that old building smell when you walk in. You wonder what could possibly be haunting all the rooms in it. BUT for packages, I am more than happy to go there if needed. Enjoy your coffee while we enjoy our 16″ inches of snow we are supposed to get by noon tomorrow! (how did this turn into a comment about our old post office..hello random comment of the day huh)? OH I remeber now. I thought this was a picture of cookies at first. I have girl scout cookies on the brain! Yummm to dunk those in cofee….ok I am done now! :0)

  2. Now I want Girl Scout cookies! (I hope you have a supply to get you through all that snow!)

    Sounds like that post office should be in a book. :o)

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