Calling all kids, teachers, librarians, parents, adults!

I was fortunate to see this particular spot on Guam, shown on the flag of Guam, and learn about the beautiful island.  But how many kids (or adults)  know much about Guam?  What is it?  Where is it?  Who are the people who live there?  Well, here’s your chance to answer some questions about Guam and win a T-shirt, a lei, or Guamanian macadamia nut cookies (sorry, I already ate all the pork rinds)!

There’ll be 3 winners, and all you have to do for a chance to win is answer the following questions by Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day.

I’ll take the names of everyone who answers the questions correctly and put them in one of my beautiful Guam bags, perhaps the one made out of genuine pandanus leaves, pull out 3 names, and announce the winners.  Ready?  GO!

1.  What is Guam?

2.  Where is Guam?

3.  What nationality are the residents of Guam?

4.  What is the indigenous culture of Guam?

5.  What is the official language and currency of Guam?

6.  What is the capital of Guam?

7.  What is the tallest mountain on Guam?

8.  What are latte stones and how are they used?

9.  What is the flower of Guam?

10.  What European explorer first landed on Guam?

Go ahead, post your answers by leaving a comment.  Si Yu’us Ma’ase!


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5 responses to “Calling all kids, teachers, librarians, parents, adults!

  1. Great contest!I might just have to do some Guam research!

  2. Thanks for re-posting this on Facebook, Carol! The more, the merrier!

  3. Massey Rausch

    1. An island that belongs to the USA
    2. Pacific Ocean/Philippine Sea.
    3. American
    4. Chamorro
    5. Official language is American English. Currency is U.S. Dollar.
    6. Agana (Hagatna)
    7. Mount Lam Lam
    8. Carved limestone pillars. Thought to have been used as supports for buildings.
    9. Hibiscus/Plumeria
    10. Magellan
    p.s. The Macadamia Nut cookies aren’t “Guam” products. They do not raise Macadamia nuts on the island.

    si Massey

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