Dr. Seuss MUST have been here!

If  Theodor Seuss Geisel didn’t come to Guam, he must’ve seen pictures because, I’m telling you, this has to be where he got the ideas for some of his most unusual trees.  Take a look!  Is this first one not a classic wacky Seuss tree??  It’s a pandanus.  So cute!!

And how about the banyan tree.  Very cool!

Or this?

Or this?  

Or giant bamboo:

Papayas and bananas:

Or just plain old palm trees . . . they’re all beautiful and zany and vibrant, just like Dr. Seuss himself.




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3 responses to “Dr. Seuss MUST have been here!

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  2. I have never been to Guam, but these pictures convince me as they have you that Dr. Seuss indeed went there or did some mighty research leading him to photographs of these trees! Thank you for sharing your full trip to Guam, what an education I have received through these posts.

    Carol Rasco

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