Do you know what finadene is?

(This photo taken from

How about chicken kelaguen?  Ever had a boonie pepper or Chamorran red rice?  If you haven’t, you’re missing out, because it’s all YUM.

Finadene is a soy sauce type mixture (varies a lot, depending on who’s making it) to put on meats (or anything you want, really) and kelaguen is chopped up barbecued or grilled meat with vinegar, lemon, onion and other spices, so that it’s moist, tasty and really delish.  Mine was made very mild because I’m not quite used to the heat.  Mild was probably good for me because the other day I tried kimchee at a food court, the server assuring me that it was pathetically & embarrassingly mild, and I could barely eat a mouthful.  I obviously need more time in Guam so I’m not such a lightweight.  :o)

Plus, there are pork rinds here!  Vinegar flavored, too.  And mango smoothies, not to mention fresh, ripe mangoes straight from the tree, and fresh lemonade, and when I say fresh, I mean lemons pulled off the tree and squeezed into lemonade in front of my eyes–wow!

And yes, I’ve had various fish as well as shrimp and octopus.  And I touched a spider crab but did not eat it because it was alive.  See?

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  1. I’m enjoying my vicarious trip to Guam! Keep ’em coming!

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