Thank You all for National Book Award Festivities!

To my dear friends who took me out to dinner:

Where they had me sign the wine bottle for the restaurant’s display:

To my sister for the gorgeous flowers:

To my editor and the staff at Penguin for the best chocolates in the world:

To people like Dee Gospel, for lovely shout outs on blogs:

“I wanted to shout joy for the Young People Category. My new fave young lit book is Mockingbird.”

And Laura, who has supported MOCKINGBIRD since the beginning and picked it — along with Rita Williams – Garcia’s ONE CRAZY SUMMER (another National Book Award Finalist!) — as one of her Newbery favorites.

Note:  If you go to Laura’s blog and look at her picture, you’ll see MOCKINGBIRD on the table!  And if you read her blog, you’ll be amazed by this smart, talented, and thoughtful young lady.

And  — this is hysterical — to my dear friend, Kathy V., for the combination luggage tag / necklace  (“It’s a luggage tag!”  “No, it’s a necklace!”  “It’s BOTH!”) of my book jacket, complete with the National Book Award silver sticker!!  (I have to admit, I went right back to grade school and thought, “Wowee, I got a sticker!”)  Isn’t this just the greatest?  It’s hard not to be humble when you’re wearing a luggage tag around your neck.  :o)

Thanks, everyone, for a super fun week of festivities!  And to all of the wonderful readers out there (kids and adults of all kinds), thank you for being readers and loving books!


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2 responses to “Thank You all for National Book Award Festivities!

  1. Mockingbird is my Newbery favorite too!!
    Kathy – this whole week goes to show that sometimes the nicest people DO win the nicest awards. You are beautiful and it is all so, so deserved! (And I have to say, Penguin has great taste to send Gearhart Chocs! Classy AND yummy!)

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