Alison Hart’s WHIRLWIND

WHIRLWIND (Random House 2010; also in paperback from Laurel Leaf, 2010) by Alison Hart

I’m always impressed with authors who can write sequels without making them repetitive for those who read the previous title and yet give enough information so those joining the series late can feel like they’ve been there the whole time.  Just as she did in her RACING TO FREEDOM trilogy, Alison Hart handles the transition from SHADOW HORSE to WHIRLWIND beautifully.  Her writing pulls you into a fascinating story and a different arena.  In this case, it’s the world of horses (one of her favorite subjects, and one she knows an awful lot about) that will satisfy horse lovers and also explain enough to the rest of us that we feel a part of that world.  Thirteen year old Jas is a spunky character who follows her heart but uses her head.  In WHIRLWIND, she has a mystery to solve, people (and horses) to take care of, an enemy to fight, and a nefarious plot to uncover.  Like Jas, the story itself is smart and full of heart.  Note:  The prequel, SHADOW HORSE, is also well worth reading — it was even nominated for an Edgar Award!

Also, Alison Hart has written one of those great “pick your own ending” books for the younger horsey set.  It’s an AMERICAN GIRL book, TAKING THE REINS, for 8 to 10 — great fun!

Now, for the drum roll . . . YOU are eligible to win a copy of WHIRLWIND!  Just post a comment and let me know why you would like this book.  I’ll pull names out of a riding helmet (!) to pick the winner.  AND runner up will receive TAKING THE REINS!  Good luck to everyone!

See Alison Hart’s website at



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14 responses to “Alison Hart’s WHIRLWIND

  1. Laura

    I’d like this book because you like this book! And because I’m always looking for good books to recommend to my customers.

  2. Kimberly Lewis

    I came across Whirlwind on Facebook today. Being a horse lover, the cover immediately caught my attention. After looking the page over, I am so excited to see this give away of Whirlwind. I’m sure reading this book will bring back lots of memories of owning and showing horses, something that I miss dearly. The book seems to have my favorite topics, horses and mystery. I can’t wait to read Whirlwind as well as Shadow Horse and hopefully I will win a copy to call my own!

  3. jill

    I love horses and I would love to win one of these books. I have always love horses they have always been one of my favorite animals. They are very pretty and graceful when they run. They should be love and care for and not be missed treated. if you can not feed and water them or took to a vet. you should not own them. That goes for all animals.

  4. Linda Weigel

    I love horse and this book looks great! Thanks!

  5. I am a horse trainer and tack maker. I love a good story about horses. I agree that no horse should ever have to be mistreated, they just simply never are the same.

  6. Kim Zepeda

    I saw the new book coming out. Looks incredible. Can’t wait to get it. Hopefully will still be able to get into the drawing, if not where will it be available to buy? Can’t wait!!!!

    • Yup, you made the deadline, Kim! I’ll be drawing today or, latest, tomorrow — depends how many deadlines I have today . . . but there’s always leftover Halloween candy to pep me up!

  7. Chelsy

    I love this book i was just looking for somthing to get and dId not think I would really like it and loved it and will be really excited to read shadow horse

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