Cover to Cover, Memphis, TN

What fun we had at Cover to Cover in cute little Arlington, TN!  It’s just outside Memphis so don’t miss it if you’re ever in the area.  And, definitely, be sure to eat at Vinegar Jim’s . . . here’s an explanation from their website:

“Vinegar Jim’s was originally built to resemble a Natchez Trace tavern from the mid 1800’s. The restaurant was named after a Civil War-era character who, on a bet, attempted to carry a barrel of vinegar from the old Arlington Depot to the General Store and dropped it on his foot.

The original owners built VJ’s from Poplar trees milled from their property along with salvaging 19th century home and warehouses from the Pinch district in Memphis and old mansions in various counties. Entering Vinegar Jim’s is like stepping into the past.”

They’re known for, among other items, their special marinade and their fried pies, including CHOCOLATE fried pie — wow!  Thanks, Michelle and Chris, for a great evening!

And thanks to Karen and Calli and others for coming to the signing.  I enjoyed chatting with you!

I also got some of Gina’s handy dandy eye candy bookmarks, those magnetic page clips that are oh so practical.  In fact, be on the lookout for some custom made ones soon … I’ll show them to you and tell you how you can get your very own!

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