Wonders of Nature

Yes, it’s a two-headed snake, at the Mississippi Natural Science museum, which fascinated DD (kind of grossed me out) but you gotta hand it to nature, it’s “wonder-ful” in every sense.  Take the Alaskan forests, for instance … you know how forests naturally burn and then regrow? and it’s a good thing?  Well, here’s what I learned at the science center:  the Alaskan forests used to regrow coniferous and deciduous trees at a certain percentage.  Now that percentage has changed.  There are fewer conifers and more deciduous trees.  Why?  Deciduous trees take more carbon out of the atmosphere.  They also reflect the suns rays better than conifers (which soak up the sun), thereby keeping the earth cooler and fighting global warming.  It’s as if nature is healing itself, sort of like a mom cleaning up after messy kids.

Here’s a big problem for mother Earth, however:  with the increased warming, the carbon that’s currently trapped in the permafrost (and there’s a HUGE amount of it) will be released as the permafrost melts.  Apparently, that’s not something factored into the current global warming scenario.  Scary.  Perhaps even scarier than a two-headed snake.

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