The 82 cent Ice Cream Cone (Really)

As if you needed it, here’s another reason to come to Monroeville, Alabama, home of Harper Lee’s novel TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, and Truman Capote’s summer home.  OK, to be honest, the site where Truman used to live is just a foundation now, and a marker.  But at Miss Nelle’s old homesite you’ll find Mel’s Dairy (see very unassuming photo below).  Would you believe an 82 cent soft serve ice cream?  Believe it!  Come and see it (and taste it) for yourself.  It was upper 90’s and it took some (not much) effort to make sure we ate the ice cream fast enough that it wouldn’t melt.  Yum!  Very cooling.  And as we walked back to the courthouse, that you can see from Mel’s, and the courthouse clock struck the hour . . . chills.


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One response to “The 82 cent Ice Cream Cone (Really)

  1. stacey jacobs

    Oh Kathy- thank you for bringing us all along with you and your DD on your trip. I feel as though I am right there with you. I hope you petted the cats and didn’t drip ice cream down your shirt!
    You looked like you were having the time of your life sitting on the bike outside the bookstore.
    Tell us more……

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