“I am woman…”

Have you ever heard that Helen Reddy song from the ’70’s?  It’s on my current work-in-progress playlist, which we were listening to on the road today.  It made me appreciate my daughter, the opportunities she has, and reminded me of singing that song with my two best friends, Allison and Monica, as we marched arm-in-arm on a nature trail in Newfoundland, Canada.  About the same age then as my daughter is now, I remember glancing back at Allison’s mom who was smiling, but with tears in her eyes, as she said, “I’ll always remember this moment.”  I don’t think we fully appreciated what she meant.  She was working hard to try get her degree and start a career in mid-life.  Our mothers were mostly homemakers, secretaries, nurses, teachers — all great professions, but the fact that they didn’t have too many choices beyond those is what made my friend’s mom so happy for us she was crying, knowing that we were destined to become (and she was right), a doctor, a lawyer, and an activist.  Now, glancing over at my daughter, knowing that, indeed, she “can do anything” and is as “strong” and “invincible” as they come, I had tears in my eyes.  She was too busy playing on her iPod to notice which is perhaps a good thing as she would’ve thought me silly.  :o)  Or perhaps not.  I think we’ve learned a little more about each other on this trip, learned to appreciate our differences, and hopefully, learned more about ourselves, too.  Hear us “roar!”


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  1. beckylevine

    I HAD that album. 🙂 I think I need to add this to my playlist, too. Thanks for the reminder.

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