The Buzz at the Beehive!

You have GOT to see this place!

It’s worth the trip — a separate trip, just for this place, a Mecca in the beautiful forests and small towns of southern Alabama.  A beautifully, carefully, thoughtfully, refurbished old building that you have to see to believe.

Great books!

Great stationery!

Warm, fun, knowledgeable staff!

Great drinks!  I mean, specialty lattes, all natural products, etc.  You’ll think you’re in New York City!

Seriously, you have to come here.  Oh, right, there’s that whole Harper Lee, Truman Capote thing going on right here in Monroeville, too.  But Beehive Coffee & Books has that covered — two bookstore cats, aptly named Harper and Truman.  :o)  With their own “cathouse.”  A gorgeous old home, tin roofed variety.  I saw it and thought (were it just a wee bit bigger), “Scoot over, Harper and Truman, I’m moving in!”

The owner and patrons are well read worldly traveler types — a treat to sit and chat with.  You can even sit on an old bike outside, like this:

That’s me and Crissy Nettles, the owner of this great bookstore, who looks like a teenager but I swear she’s a grown up, and a very smart, capable one at that.  And an author’s dream — talk about advertising, preparing the town, and talking up your book . . . what a treat!  Thank you, Crissy, and all of those around her — you know who you are — who welcomed us and made our trip so memorable that my DD now wants to move there!  (Yes, it’s very tempting . . . .)

Bravo, Beehive Coffee & Books!



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2 responses to “The Buzz at the Beehive!

  1. Crissy

    Thanks for your kind words and your generous stay here in Monroeville. The book is stellar, and having the luxury of time with you, especially at the schools and my shop, meant a lot to our little town. Lots of cool houses for sale in town just waiting for you ….

  2. In fact, there’s a lovely home for a great price with several acres on … wait for it … Mockingbird Lane. I think it’s a sign! :o)

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