Leaving Gee’s Bend

You’ve heard me talk of this wonderful book by Irene Latham before; well, it inspired us to go to the real Gees Bend in Alabama, and to Camden, the main town nearby where the ferry runs to the still rather remote area of Gees Bend.  It was like taking a trip back in time.  Even Camden, the biggest town around, was a beautiful period piece.  I met Betty Morgan at the library (2nd floor of the courthouse, which you can reach by outdoor steps or an indoor elevator, next to the soda machine that dispenses cold Nehi and other drinks for 60 cents — yup, 60 cents), and Crystal, and heard of their plans for a project to capture the writings of young people.  Yay!  Also, I’m hoping they’re successful in putting the already existing local photos and insights by high schoolers into a book.  I would so buy that.  The area is striking and I just know I would be blown away by the teens’ impressions.

If you’re in Camden, Miss Kitty’s is a must stop for a meal, and Black Belt Treasures is a must stop for seeing the local culture and succumbing to some purchases, too.  I mean, PECAN brittle?  Oh, yeah, oh, yum!  Soap made IN Gees Bend.  Original lye soap.  Or goat milk soap.  Or this see-through orangey red soap that smells sooo good.  Not to mention pottery, jewelry, art of all kinds, and BOOKS!

And after that, it was time to leave Gees Bend behind and move on to the heart of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD:  Monroeville, AL.

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