Ice Cream!!

Remember the Mayfield Dairy tour post of a few days ago (think cows)?  Well, here’s what they make:  ice cream.  It’s not just for breakfast (although that’s when my dear daughter is eating it).  I would feel remiss if I didn’t also relay the milk processing routine because of one very important element:  the Aro-Vac machine.  I know, it sounds like something from a B rated sci-fi movie from the 1950’s.  It is!  Well, the 1950’s part, anyway.  It’s a special machine brought all the way from NEW ZEALAND and it’s the ONLY one in the U.S.  Its purpose is to take any odd tastes or odors out of the milk because a cow might enjoy eating onion grass but who wants onion milk?  Or onion ice cream?  Thanks to the Aro-Vac, we don’t need to worry about that!  So here’s the process:

1.  Separate the cream from the milk.

2.  Run everything through the Aro-Vac!

3.  Homogenize (mix it all up so it’s uniformly creamy)

4.  Pasteurize (heat it to get rid of bacteria).

Oh, and the last step?  Drink, or eat!


And 10 seconds later:



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3 responses to “Ice Cream!!

  1. Doughnuts. Ice cream. I’m liking this book tour =)

  2. Do you realize most of your posts so far have food or drink in them???? Are you signing books on this tour or just eating??? Not that there’s anything wrong with the later, I’m just saying….

  3. Books are food for the mind but we’re also making sure we have food for the body. :o) We’re certainly enjoying the books, too — here’s what we’ve bought so far:

    DARK FIRE, Chris d’Lacey
    THE DA VINCI CODE, Dan Brown
    RESTORING HARMONY, Joelle Anthony

    I think the next book is going to be HARPER LEE, by Kerry Madden, and I’ll get her to sign it, too, since I’m seeing her tomorrow!

    And the one I already have ready for autographing:
    LEAVING GEE’S BEND, by Irene Latham, who is right here!

    And the one I want to buy after that:
    COUNTDOWN, by Deborah Wiles.

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