What I’m reading now…

Can you read the title?  It’s Joelle Anthony’s RESTORING HARMONY, that I just got at Page One Bookstore in suburban Atlanta (they now have only 1 copy left on the shelf — hurry!).  Love it that my friend here in Atlanta is such a reader so here we are reading together, something I never get enough time to do.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to a particularly interesting book….


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  1. stacey jacobs

    Greetings Kathy!
    First thing this morning I was reading the SCBWI Bulletin which just arrived in the mail yesterday. Here is your name on page 30 in the people section!
    I’m also reading FUNNY BUSINESS Conversations With Writers of Comedy by Leonard S. Marcus (2009 Candlewick Press).

    Written in the easyreading format of interviews, thirteen famous children’s book authors candidly discuss their writing lives & share humorous childhood experiences that shaped the origin of the comedy they use in their writing. I am really enjoying it!

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