Page One in Morrow, GA

I felt so welcomed at this delightful little bookstore in suburban Atlanta!  Here I am with Edna, the owner, and in the background is her writer son!  (More photos to come.)

Scroll down for more surprises!

Here’s the store and the noticeboard outside (this place is definitely worth a visit!).  There’s an art gallery and park in the complex, too.

AND  a beautiful ornament Edna had custom made for MOCKINGBIRD.  Thank you, PAGE ONE!


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2 responses to “Page One in Morrow, GA

  1. Lisa Bodiford

    Hi, I drove by your book store, but you were not open. Are you still in business and what are your hours? Thanks, Lisa

    • Lisa, I’m afraid they closed but are planning on opening up a new store this year. It was such a great place! But they’re wonderful booksellers and I’m sure we’ll enjoy their new store. I’ll post once I find out more.

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