MOCKINGBIRD Tour: August 11: Montgomery, AL

Montgomery is going to be a special stop for me, given that I actually lived there as a kid and went to school, the Krispy Kreme, the five & dime (or do you say 5 & 10 — either one works), where I took horseback riding lessons (and broke my arm), got my picture taken for the paper (complete with broken arm) for, I believe, my first writing success, “How Alabama Received its Name,” shared a room with my sister (she was neat, I was messy), picked pecans off the side of the road for pie, sat on the screen porch during the rain, saw my first tornado and first hailstones BIGGER than golf balls, and my first mockingbird.

Please come by Capitol Book and News on Wed., Aug. 11, any time as of noon.  I’d love to see you!

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One response to “MOCKINGBIRD Tour: August 11: Montgomery, AL

  1. Wishing I could be there too! BTW I can’t believe you were messy! Aren’t you really neat now?

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