ALA Top Ten (in no particular order, except #10)

1.  Seeing long-time author friends (Moira Donohue, Mary Quattlebaum, Anne Marie Pace, Madelyn Rosenberg, Wendy Shang, Sara Holmes, etc) & new (Cece Bell, Tom Angleberger, etc)

2.  Seeing famous authors like Jacqueline Woodson, John Green, Peter Sis, Will Shortz, CHRISTOPHER PAUL CURTIS!!  (See photo.)

3.  Lunch with my agent so we could finally sit and chat and get to know each other.  Awesome!

4.  Hearing from Beth and other librarians and teachers just how much they loved Mockingbird.  Wow.

5.  Reading a passage from THE  WIZARD OF OZ for the internet.

6.  Attending friends’ book signings — Moira Donohue, Kim Norman, Jackie Jules, Sara Holmes, Tom Angleberger, and sorry about those I couldn’t get to!

7.  Yelling barrista at Starbucks.

8.  Crowd in the convention center lobby watching the World Cup US v. Ghana game.

9.  Meeting the wonderful sales rep instrumental in organizing my book tour!

10.  Meeting Laura, the wonderful girl (and, I understand, children’s librarian!) who has read all the Newbery winners (at age 10!), applied for and received a grant to run a mock Newbery, and wrote a lovely review of Mockingbird — thank you for coming by!  It was the highlight of my trip!


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2 responses to “ALA Top Ten (in no particular order, except #10)

  1. Great photo! You and Moira seem to have the exact same shade of blue. (Clearly you did not coordinate with C.P.C.)

  2. Hey Cuz, I had a feeling that # 10 was meeting Laura. I saw you on her blog and turned a bright shade of green!

    Sounds like you had a marvelous time at ALA and that Mockingbird is making a splash! So happy for you.

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