Joelle Anthony Interview


WELCOME to this stop on Joelle Anthony’s blog tour.  Today we’re focusing on unconventional and FUN questions, which is appropriate because Joelle is unconventional and fun!

Really, you ask?  Well, just read on and see . . . .

Kathy:  Tea or coffee?  Flavor?  Milk or sugar?

Joelle:  Always tea! My faves right now are vanilla black and crème caramel. No milk or sugar, thanks.

Kathy:  Yum!  Favorite season?

Joelle:  Let’s just say “not really into spring.” Aaahhhhchooo!

Kathy:  Bless you!  Can you deal better with wind or rain?

Joelle:  I’m a pro at rain. Born and raised in Oregon. Wind reminds me too much of tornadoes and living in Tennessee.

Kathy:  Deciduous or evergreen?

Joelle:  Those deciduous trees sure are pre-Aaahhhhchooo!-ty, but I’m all about those evergreens.

Kathy:  What’s always in your fridge?

Joelle:  Cheese.

Kathy:  Again, yum!  Favorite comfort food?

Joelle:  Guacamole and chips (or anything)

Kathy:  Chocolate or some lesser nectar of the gods?

Joelle:  I’ll eat chocolate and enjoy it, but I totally love (and I know it’s so bad for me) rice krispy treats.

Kathy:  Food you’d rather starve than eat.

Joelle:  Meat of any kind (yes, that includes fish).

Kathy:  Cat or dog?

Joelle:  Meow!

Kathy:  Flats or heels?

Joelle:  Depends what I’m up to!

Kathy:  Natural fibers or synthetics?

Joelle:  I love natural fibers but I’m not that much into ironing, so usually it’s more about how it feels and whether it wrinkles or not, than what it’s actually made of.

Kathy:  Jeans or fancier?

Joelle:  In my dreams I’m fancier, but in real life, it’s mostly jeans.

Kathy:  Short hair or long?

Joelle:  Short, but generally in need of a haircut since I hate going to get it cut.

Kathy:  I hear you.  Ideal evening?

Joelle:  Home. Fire. Husband. Cats. Popcorn. Book.

Kathy:  :o)  Ideal vacation?

Joelle:  Home. Fire. Husband. Cats. Popcorn. Book. Yeah…I’m a homebody. So sue me!

Kathy:  :o)  :o)  Favorite board, card, or computer game?

Joelle:  Scrabble!

Kathy:  Yes!  Favorite sport or form of exercise?

Joelle:  I’m a walker. Not only do I walk while I write (at my treadmill desk), but I generally get outside for a mile or two walk each day too. As far as sports, I’m a die-hard Cubs fan and can hardly wait for baseball season to start.

Kathy:  Language in which you’d most like to be fluent?

Joelle:  It would be great if I could master English but my aversion to commas seems to make that impossible.

Kathy:  Ha!  Country you’d most like to visit?

Joelle:  Spain.

Kathy:  Skill you’d most like to acquire?

Joelle:  For real or are we dreaming here? I’d love to be able to sing.

Kathy:  Favorite musical instrument?

Joelle:  My husband’s guitar with him playing it.

Kathy:  You’re going on a book tour:  Plane, train or automobile?

Joelle:  I like the train option.

Kathy:  Me, too.  Topic you’d most like to write about?

Joelle:  The environment.

Kathy:  Topic you think most needs writing about?

Joelle:  Probably the environment. But we’re all getting kinda sick of it too, aren’t we?

Kathy:  I still love to read and think about it.  Author you’d like to meet?

Joelle:  Meg Cabot.

Kathy:  Question you’d ask that author?

Joelle:  Where’d you get that fabulous dress (she always has a great dress!)?

Kathy:  What / who gives you spiritual guidance and inspiration?

Joelle:  We are Buddhists and so we look to ourselves and each other.

Kathy:  Awesome!  What most surprises you about our current culture?

Joelle:  Since I’m new to my current culture (we’ve only lived in Canada for 2.5 years), I would say the cost of cheese. Outrageous!

Kathy:  I’m glad it’s still in your fridge, nonetheless.  Some favorite books?

Joelle: Betsy and the Great World, Pastoral, Dirty Little Secrets.

Kathy:  Some favorite movies?

Joelle:  Bull Durham, Sense and Sensibility, Stranger Than Fiction.

Thanks, Joelle, for coming!  And please take a look at her book, RESTORING HARMONY:   a riveting, fast-paced dystopian tale complete with adventure and romance that readers will devour.  You can visit her at


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4 responses to “Joelle Anthony Interview

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  2. Kim

    I LOVE the unconventional questions!!! Cheese makes me happy, too!

  3. Great interview – what fun questions! Thanks, Joelle and Kathryn. 🙂

  4. Alexa

    Excellent interview and great answers Joelle, apart from this nonsense about not putting milk in tea!!!!

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