Pick the cast of QUAKING!

To celebrate the release of QUAKING in paperback, I’m have a contest for a FREE copy!

Just pick the actors you think would be perfect for at least three of these characters:

1)  MATT

2)  SAM





7)  ROB

8 )  SUSAN

Reply to this post by Wednesday, March 31st (I extended the contest to go through the Virginia Festival of the Book, where I’ll be presenting on Saturday, March 20th) and I’ll put your name in a blue pot and pull out a winner.  :o)

Thanks for playing!



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5 responses to “Pick the cast of QUAKING!

  1. congrats on the release!!!!!

  2. mad

    Congratulations, Kathy!
    I’ll throw in:
    Tommy Lee Jones (for Mr. Warhead)
    Jeff Bridges (though he might be too old) for Sam
    Matt is tough, because by the time you hear about a child actress she’s too old for the part. If it were back in the day, I’d say Jodie Foster. And if it were the day after that, I’d say Christina Ricci. Now I’d just have to go with someone like Isabelle Fuhrman?

  3. Kathy, congratlations! And just when Mockingbird is about to be released. (I guess- not sure when paperback is coming)

    So cool!

    I would have to really think about the actors. This is so not my area of expertise.

  4. Anne Marie said (on Facebook):

    “1. Selena Gomez (ha ha!)
    2. Kevin James
    5. Geza Kovacs”

  5. Sam

    Matt- Amber Tamblyn, from sisterhood of the traveling pants

    Sam-Craig Sheffer , from one tree hill

    Jessica-Jennifer Aniston

    The Rat-Taylor Lautner

    Mr. Warhead- Terry O’Quinn or Michael Emerson, from Lost

    MRS. JIMENEZ- Drew Barrymore

    Rob- Zack Efron

    Susan- cameron Diaz

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