L. Diane Wolfe Interview

Please welcome L. Diane Wolfe, author of THE CIRCLE OF FRIENDS series as well as a great non-fiction book, OVERCOMING OBSTACLES WITH SPUNK! In fact, I like it so much I’m offering a FREE COPY OF HER BOOK!! In honor of this being the last day of Diane’s blog tour . . . all you have to do to have a chance at winning her  book is to comment on this interview and your name will go in a hat and we’ll pull out a name — it could be YOURS!!  Good luck!

So, here’s the interview with Diane, followed by a little more info about her.  For example, did you know she’s a motivational speaker?  And did you know she attends the Book’Em book festival in Virginia in the fall?  You can see her LIVE on Sunday, October 18, 2009.

Kathy: Since you’re a motivational and inspirational speaker, Diane, who or what has been the greatest inspiration for your stories?

Diane: Inspiration comes from many sources!

The author who has most inspired me is Anne McCaffrey. Her books are very relationship-driven and that’s always been my favorite aspect of any story. People are fascinating! How we interact with one another and the relationships we develop define and shape us as a person. I wanted to write stories that portrayed healthy relationship dynamics and that became the basis for The Circle of Friends series.

My husband is also a great inspiration to me! His support and encouragement keep me going.

Kathy: People are indeed fascinating!  And healthy relationships are a great theme in your books.  What’s an important “nugget” that you’d like readers to take away from your books?

Diane: The past does not equal the future! No matter who you are or from where you came, YOU are the factor that decides your future.

Kathy: I love that!  Why did you write THE CIRCLE OF FRIENDS, Book III?

Diane: I was a foster parent for many years, so I understand the reality of abuse. I wanted to touch upon mental and emotional abuse because the effects can be so devastating to a person’s self-esteem. In Book III, it was the emotional abuse and neglect that really hurt James. I want readers to realize that despite such challenges, it is possible to overcome the damage and experience a fulfilling life.

Kathy: When and where do you write?

Diane: I write whenever I have a spare fifteen minutes! Several times a week I will block off an hour or two in the evening, but most of my writing is done in short spurts. I also hand write every story first! (And yes, I have drawers full of notebooks filled with first editions of my books…)

Kathy: That is great focus to be able to write in such short segments.  What helps you write?

Diane: A pen!

Seriously, though, two things help me create my stories.

I concentrate on character building and background before designing the plot. I’m a big believer in personality types and I define these traits in depth for each character. Once I understand his or her personality, I can drop a character into any scene and know exactly how that person will react.

Music also helps maintain the mood. There are always one or two songs that match the storyline and align with the main character’s emotions and drive. I use that music to maintain (or induce) the proper mood.

Kathy: How long have you been writing?

Diane: I began writing when I was thirteen and quickly developed a passion for putting my ideas down on paper. I stopped writing in my late twenties, but a dream inspired me to start again. And from that brief wisp of a dream, I created this five book series!

Kathy: Very cool!  Do you have a favorite quote or bumper sticker?

Diane: “With a positive attitude, any goal can be achieved!” (My personal motto.)

Kathy: Beautiful!  Now, is there a sequel to THE CIRCLE OF FRIENDS, Book III?

Diane: Yes! THE CIRCLE OF FRIENDS, Book IV…Mike comes out this fall.

Kathy: Congratulations!  What are you working on now?

Diane: Book V is with the editors, so soon I will be making final revisions on that story.

I am also a professional speaker and recently designed a new seminar, so I’m fine-tuning that program.

After that, I will probably tackle another non-fiction book. I have an outline for Book VI of this series, but I intend to take a break and approach it refreshed.

Kathy: Tell us, why should kids read books when there are so many other things to do?

Diane: There’s a saying – Readers are leaders and leaders are readers!

The greatest way to expand one’s knowledge is through books. We can travel the world, experience another’s life, learn new skills, and even travel back in time by reading! There are no barriers for the person who can read and is willing to expand his knowledge and experience.

Kathy: Thanks, Diane!  You can reach Diane, a professional speaker and author at  www.thecircleoffriends.net and at www.spunkonastick.net

Known as “Spunk On A Stick,” to her fans, the author is a member of the National Speakers Association. Her young adult series, The Circle of Friends, features morally grounded, positive stories that appeal to both teens and concerned parents. Overcoming Obstacles With SPUNK! The Keys to Leadership & Goal-Setting, ties all of Wolfe’s goal-setting and leadership seminar’s information together into one complete, enthusiastic package. Ten years associating with a motivation training system and her experience as a foster parent gave her the in-depth knowledge of relationships, personality traits and success principals. Wolfe travels the East Coast extensively for media interviews and speaking engagements, averaging over one hundred appearances each year. She maintains a dozen websites & blogs, manages an online writer’s group, and contribute articles for several other sites.

The latest in her series, The Circle of Friends, Book III…James, was released on August 18, 2009.



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9 responses to “L. Diane Wolfe Interview

  1. Diane you have a positive outlook that comes through in not only your fiction books but also, and obviously, in “Overcoming Obstacles With Spunk!” You are a true inspiration, not only to YA, but to everyone – through your books, speaking engagements and interviews! Having followed your blog tour, I’ve learned a great deal about you, how you write, your inspirations – a myriad of information, and I have to say I’m sad to see the tour end! It’s been a joy following it, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know you, the author, the speaker, the person!! Great interview Kathy!

  2. spunkonastick

    Thank you so much Kathy for the wonderful finale of my virtual tour!

    L. Diane Wolfe “Spunk On A Stick”

  3. My pleasure! You’re a real inspiration, Diane.

  4. I could never get a book done if I hand wrote it because I wouldn’t be able to read my handwriting afterwards. It’s very bad from years of typing.

    I agree we have to let go of the past and make what we can of our lives.

    Morgan Mandel

  5. spunkonastick

    Morgan, I’m the opposite – you should see my typing! Spellcheck doesn’t have a chance with my mistakes.

  6. Wow, I could use a book on Overcoming Obstackles today (see what I mean). Big Ann McCaffrey fan here, too. I knit my husband things in Harper Blue. 😉 Does that say anything?

    Nice job!


  7. Diane,

    I don’t think I could write in 15 minute segments. It usually takes me that long to get my hands on the keyboard – after I’ve sat down in front of it. My brain just doesn’t change gears that fast!

    Thanks for sharing the “Readers are Leaders” quote. I’ll add that to my arsenal for career days at schools.


  8. Testing–making sure comments are working.

  9. Morgan won OVERCOMING OBSTACLES WITH SPUNK! Congratulations, Morgan!! Thanks for everyone’s comments. There’ll be more give aways in the future, so check back. Thanks!

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