Romance . . .

I read the most romantic thing in THREE CUPS OF TEA (the story of Greg Mortenson, who failed at climbing K2 but turned to building schools for children, especially girls, in Pakistan & Afghanistan). This conversation transpired the evening he met his wife-to-be, ending up at her apartment:

Her: “Welcome to my home.”
Him: “Welcome to my heart.”


Here’s something equally romantic, tho’ very different, that just happened to me:

Teenage son, already p.o.’ed at me, cuts me off as I’m trying to help him with something, and asks DH instead.
DH (or should I say, DDDDDDH) replies, rather hotly, “I have NO interest in helping you after the way you just treated my wife.” Burning gaze elicits contrite apologies from son.

Warmed my heart.



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12 responses to “Romance . . .

  1. Teenage son, already p.o.’ed at me, cuts me off as I’m trying to help him with something

    I have one of those, too. I walked around with him yesterday as he went door to door to sell football score cards and was amazed and proud at his presence. He was so soft spoken, so polite…so…grown up! This was my son? If we could just be flies on the wall and watch them when we’re not around. And kudos to your DDDDDDDH for not only standing up for you, but in doing so, also teaching your son the importance of respecting one’s wife.

    You are a lucky lady. As am I.

    • He is a pretty good kid, I have to admit, (tho’ not always perfect with me!). These teen years are challenging and, yes, I do feel fortunate for having a supportive DH AND for the lessons he’s teaching our son — what REALLY makes a man.

      How satisfying to see your son’s poise and professionalism — YAY! I keep reading that teens really do listen to us and take what we’re saying to heart, even tho’ they don’t appear to. Obviously, it works!

  2. that is the true meaning of long term love. i love the “my wife” instead of “your mother” very personal. *snap*


  3. Anonymous

    Yay B!

    And your son is a good kid. He’ll be fine. Eventually. 🙂

  4. Your son will benefit from the awesome example of his dad. I loved that!

  5. What great stories — about Three Cups of Tea and your wonderful husband. I came here after seeing your name on Loree’s site and some other LJ friends over time and love your blog. Among other things, great dog and your love of Joyce’s Healing Waters. I hope you don’t mind that I’m adding you to my friends list. Good luck with everything!

    • Thanks, Jeannine, for adding me as a friend and I’ll make sure I’ve done the same — nice to meet you “in person!” I just met Loree this summer and what a wonderful person she is, not to mention a fabulous writer. It’s such a treat to meet more people in the world of books so thanks for widening the circle! Have you met Joyce? There’s another amazing person. If you haven’t been to one of her events and she’s ever in your area, I highly recommend a visit. Hope to meet you, too, sometime!

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