You could look at both Pres/VP tickets as “10’s”

While I have my hopes set on one of them, here’s how I get to a “10” for both:

(OK, it’s a joke, but there’s a hint of seriousness to it, too.)

If you accept the idea that this is the current (unfortunate) hierarchy in the U.S.:

White male
Black male
White female
Black female

and we assign 4 points for white male, down to 1 point for black female, AND

If you accept that, while picking a female VEEP is huge, the PRES slot is still worth twice as much as the VEEP slot, THEN

3 points for being a black male, weighted twice = 6, plus 4 pts. for white male, makes the Obama ticket a 10
4 points for being a white male, weighted twice = 8, plus 2 pts. for white female, makes the McCain ticket a 10

:o) Whatever you think, it’s going to be an interesting, exciting campaign!



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5 responses to “You could look at both Pres/VP tickets as “10’s”

  1. I’ll be happier when we all can truly be seen as equals.

    Of course, given human nature, once gender and ethnicity (and sexuality and religion) are finally eliminated as sources of prejudice, we’ll probably come up with some other way to categorize “Us” and “Other.” At least, I assume that’s human nature.

  2. Oh, all this math is making my head spin. 🙂

  3. I like your math (how long did it take you to come up with that?)! And yes, it certainly is shaping up to be an interesting race. You can just feel the history in the making. When’s the last time you saw so many people moved to tears at a political convention?

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