Bad Dog

This is the new thing that happens every morning when I try make my bed — she hops on top. Gee, I wonder where she hangs out when everyone’s out of the house?

Maybe I can convince her to stay there when I get THE EDITOR call this morning. It’s really distracting trying to sound intelligent on the phone when she brings squeeeeky toys or tells me it’s time for her walk (she has a loud voice). Then there’s the flipping my hands off the keyboard trick by sticking her snout under my wrist and flinging. Does anyone else have these pet issues? I know there’s the cat on the the keyboard trick . . . .

Really, she’s a sweet dog, but it’s a good thing I don’t spoil my kids like I spoil her.



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8 responses to “Bad Dog

  1. I’ll take your call for you.

  2. Oooo, yay, you’re getting an editor call? Those are fun.

  3. Um, squee!
    Care to elaborate?
    Is this for the book I think it is?

    • This is the one on Asperger’s. I did have a long talk with Kendra the other day about the PB. It needs much work. Sigh. BUT the kids are back in school as of yesterday so after I work on the novel revisions which I’ll get this morning, then I’ll go back to PB land. How are yours coming?

  4. She looks irresistable. What if you just let her curl up in your lap and lick your knee–would she stay quiet and happy? 🙂

    • She would LOVE that. All 65 pounds of her. I would almost consider it if I could type with one hand but as soon as I stopped scratching her belly her questioning snout would be in my face, blocking the screen.

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