Who is that?

Long hiatus. I lost my password.(!?%$^#) I think I’ll start using the same password for everything: it will be my name.

May I say something? I’m bothered by the increasing use of “that” when “who” is the word that should be used. It’s dehumanizing. We’re not objects, we’re people. Have you been hearing more of this talk, e.g., Are you the person that called? (No. I’m the person WHO called.) Are you the person that wants decaf? (No. I’m the person WHO wants decaf.) Are you the one that– No! I am not an object or a number. I am a free man! OK, woman. But still. Just my rant for the day. I feel better having gotten THAT out of my system.


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11 responses to “Who is that?

  1. Hey! Kathy!
    Great to see you, ummmm…errrr….see your words!

    You are the one WHO has been missing! =)

    Hey, send me your info to pass onto the manager at Borders if you’re still interested.

    goadingthepen at yahoo dot com

  2. It’s you! Yay! I’m afraid I’m guilty at times. For the most part when I’m writing, I’d use “who” but in everyday casual conversation you just might hear me say YOU are the one that has been missed around here. 🙂

    • I’m really only partly serious. I use the vernacular of so many things in so many instances that I don’t have any room to talk. Not that it stops me. (Why I say, “Too clever by half,” I have no idea, except for the British upbringing — I don’t even know what it means!)

      Great to chat with you!

  3. Glad to see you back, Kathy!

  4. I so agree with you on the who and that thing. I see it in writing as well.
    I’m glad you’re back. Those passwords are so annoying! I finally started a special file with them that I can refer to as needed.

    Thanks for your kind words on my LJ!

    • Oh, yes, I started a special file, too, on the computer even, so I wouldn’t lose the paper. Then I forgot what I called the file so I couldn’t find it. Then when I finally found it I saw that it was out of date and incomplete. I really need a handler . . . .

      When is your book launch? I want to come!

      • Ah, you are so sweet! I don’t actually have plans for a book launch. Does that mean there’s something wrong with me?!

        I think that’s partly because the whole release/pub date is so ambiguous. I got my copies way back in Dec so to me it felt like it came out then. The pub date is April but it was “released” Mar 1. It’s like there is no definitive time when a book actually comes out. Is this just my publisher?

        Anyway I’m probably a little too shy about saying “Looky world – my book is out!”

        So I just sort of let it slip out there. And pray for good reviews!

      • OMG, IT’S OUT!!! I just ordered it on Amazon! Woo hoo! OK, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go post about it now since you’re too modest.

      • Oh, well, I am not really all that modest. I did a contest here while you were out searching for passwords! And I find ways to slip the info into my blog posts both here and on blogger. I think I’m just a little shy about making a big deal of it here in my hometown. It just feels a little odd to throw myself a party. But I have a friend who is threatening to throw one. I suspect she’ll surprise me with the timing, though!

        Thanks for ordering it!

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